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Springs and Front End Rebuild Kits

Front End Chassis Kits & Parts

We sell both front end kits and individual parts.  Bushings are available in rubber or poly.

Shackle Kits, Ubolts, Eye bolts, Bushings

 Most car shackle kits usually include bushings, bolts, nuts and sideplates.  Truck shackles vary.  Bushings are available in rubber and poly.

Leaf Spring

Springs are sold in matched pairs and include the pressed in bushings if applicable.  We sell stock height and 1 or 2 inch lift or lowering springs.

Coil Springs

Coils are sold in matched pairs.  Standard and heavy duty available.

Miscellaneous Parts

Tip inserts, center bolts, spring liner, clamps, coil pads


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Spring and Suspension Parts Catalog

Unfortunately we do not currently have a catalog.  We'd rather talk to you anyway to give you the prices for the parts you are looking for.  It's more accurate and we can ask all the questions necessary so we can provide you with the correct part for your car or truck and give you an exact price instead of just a range of prices.

To get description products please click on the following links:  coil springs, front end kits & chassis parts, leaf springs, tip inserts, caster wedges, clamps, shackle kits, bushings, ubolts.  We will be adding to and updating these pages periodically.

We sell suspension and chassis parts for:

AMC, Buick, Cadillac, Chevrolet, Chrysler, Dodge, Ford, Lincoln, Mercury, Oldsmobile, Plymouth, Pontiac, etc.

Parts we sell:

Leaf springs, coil springs, shackles, ubolts, rubber and poly bushings, pads, eye bolts, ball joints, tie rod ends, adjusting sleeves, idler arms, pitman arms, control arm bushings, sway bar links and frame bushings, strut rod bushings, poly body mounts


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