Leaf spring hardware

Shackles, ubolts, eye bolts, bushings

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Front End Chassis Kits & Parts

We sell both front end kits and individual parts.  Bushings are available in rubber or poly.

Shackle Kits, Ubolts, Eye bolts, Bushings

 Most car shackle kits usually include bushings, bolts, nuts and sideplates.  Truck shackles vary.  Bushings are available in rubber and poly.

Leaf Spring

Springs are sold in matched pairs and include the pressed in bushings if applicable.  We sell stock height and 1 or 2 inch lift or lowering springs.

Coil Springs

Coils are sold in matched pairs.  Standard and heavy duty available.

Miscellaneous Parts

Tip inserts, center bolts, spring liner, clamps, coil pads





  • Live Chat!  Available during business hours.
  • Call 800-903-9019 or 570-672-9413 for pricing for your vehicle!
  • Telephone hours: Mon.-Thurs. 9 am-5 pm and Fri. 9 am-3 pm ET
  • Email: laura@springsnthings.com
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Leaf Spring HardwareLeaf Spring Hardware

ESPO Springs n Things has shackles, ubolts, eye bolts, bushings and axle pads for your car or truck.  Car shackles usually include the bolts, nuts, sideplates and bushings unless the springs use pressed in bushings at the shackle. Most trucks use a different design and include the frame bushings since the spring bushings are pressed into the springs. Eye bolts are grade 8 and ubolts grade 5 or 8 depending on size. Both include nuts.  Bushings are sold in rubber or polyurethane (poly).

We sell hardware for most makes, models and years from 1937-2000.  General prices for some of our biggest sellers are as follows.  Email, call 800-903-9019 or LiveChat for prices for your vehicle.  If you give me your zip code too I can give you a total and a secure link for payment if you decide to order. 

Shackles - $35-$100/pair
Ubolts - $20-$40/set of 4
Front eye bolts $6-$50/pair
Ford Axle Pads $28-$32/set of 4
Chrysler/Dodge Axle Pads $65-$80/set of 4


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