Leaf Springs

Leaf SpringsOur leaf springs are made for specific makes, models and years and are not one-size fits all.  In addition to stock ride height, 1" or 2" lift or lowering height is also available for many models. Remember this is over or under a stock height, not where it is sitting currently. Both standard and heavy duty springs are also available for many models. If the spring uses a pressed in eye bushing that will come already installed in the spring.

Springs are sold with matching arches and care is given to make sure they are correct for your car.  We do not just pull two off the shelf like most spring companies do. Spring arches vary when they come off the production line due to tolerances.  We take the extra time to match them.  This helps insure proper ride height and a level stance side to side.  We also check eye sizes and various other things to make sure you get a quality product.

Springs are either USA or Mexican made.  Both the usa and mexican springs are made to OUR standards and tested to be meet or exceed what came in your car originally.  Every spring we sell has the same quality no matter where the parts are manufacturered. None come from China or Japan.  We have had to make some changes in order to keep some springs looking original. The ones which are mexican are not made in the same place that has been making substandard springs for over 20 years for one of the big-name companies.  All our springs are still made with premium quality high alloy spring steel and must meet our high standards for what we sell.  We've built a great reputation on our springs and have put much time and care into giving you a great product and would do nothing to ever change that. 

We sell leafs for most makes, models and years from 1937-2000. HERE ARE SOME GENERAL PRICES FOR SOME OF OUR BIGGEST SELLERS. THIS IS JUST A SMALL EXAMPLE OF WHAT WE SELL.   Email, call or text 570-672-9413 or LiveChat for prices for your vehicle.  If you give me your zip code too I can give you a total and a secure link for payment if you decide to order.  Leafs are currently taking 4-5 weeks to ship.

70-74 Barracuda, Challenger (E-body)  - $240-$270/pair
63-76 Barracuda, Dart, Duster, Valiant etc. (A-body)  $240-$270/pair
66-73 Belvedere, Charger, Satellite, etc. (B-body) $230-$280/pair
66-73 Chrysler, Dodge Full-size $340-$420/pair
68-81 Camaro/Nova $230-$300/pair
62-67 Nova $260-$310/pair
67-73 Cougar $240-280/pair
70-77 Maverick $240-$250/pair
65-73 Mustang $260-$280/pair

Overstock heights $30-$40 extra for the pair
Understock heights $40-$50 extra for the pair

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